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The all-in-one ordering system for hotels.

Orderli the best QR ordering app for hotels according to guests. Increase staff capacity and profit by letting guests order on their own.

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Save on employee costs.
Higher average order value
More insights in your guests

What Orderli has to offer for hotels.

Person bringing room service in hotel

Room Service with automatic service costs

Waiter holding up two plates

Guests can order Room Service easily

Person paying with a card

Let guests pay afterwords with a tip

Hotel owners love it.

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"The implementation of Orderli immediately resulted in a better quality and faster service within our catering concept, resulting in a significant increase in the number of orders"

Photo of Rogier

Rogier van Damme

Owner at De Gist in Delft
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"Thanks to Orderli, despite the corona measures, our concept has remained feasible. Our customers can decide at their own pace and order what they want to drink without having to deploy extra staff. There are also fewer mistakes by waiters or customers."

Photo of Bastiaan

Bastian Quets

Owner at Bar Gul in Belgiรซ
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"I use Orderli in connection with Corona. I am very satisfied with the use and notice that the guest generally accepts it completely."

Photo of Baukje

Baukje de Vries

Owner at Paddy O'Ryan in Leeuwarden
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"We came into contact with Orderli because we wanted to organize the Amersfoortse Brouwerijdag in a covid-proof way. The speed with which Orderli filled in and implemented our wishes was really fantastic. Within a week there was a rotating QR order system. The experience is very user friendly. We highly recommend Orderli for the hospitality industry or for an event!"

Two people

Koen and Wiebe

Owners at Rock City Brewpub in Amersfoort

Don't leave guests waiting.

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