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We help restaurants deal more fluently with changes by digitizing both the menu and ordering process.

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Meet Orderli

The tableside ordering web-app. No app download needed.

Feature 01

Eliminate Waiting

During peak hours guests can easily order with their phone, no need to wait

Feature 02

Sell More

Faster ordering and digitized up/cross selling leads to more orders

Feature 03

Increase Efficiency

The increase in operational efficiency leads to requiring less temporary staff

Feature 04

Make Quick Changes

Changes to the restaurant’s menu can be shown instantly

Digitize ordering

With Orderli you can collect your orders from the tableside digitally. Guest scan a QR code on the table with their own phone and will be shown your digital menu. They can place their orders directly from this menu.

Going to digital ordering will decrease labour costs by increasing operational efficiency. Through digital upselling and cross-selling additional revenue can be generated.

Make changes in realtime

Having a digital menu available to your guests gives you the option to change things on the fly.

You easily show daily items, have promotions, or offer discounts on soon to expire items.

Increase guest satisfaction

Guests will be able to always place their order, no need for a server to be around 24/7.

Additionally, guests with extra requirements (e.g. vegetarian) can personalize their menu by filtering items they don't want. Or through progressive disclosure view additional information that wouldn't have fitted on a paper menu.


  • Do you integrate with my POS?

    While Orderli works without an integration, we are partnering with select POS providers to send orders directly into the register. We are working on developing seamless integrations with all POS providers, contact us to get to know the current status and possibilities of the integration with your POS provider.

  • When orders are placed, how will I know which table to take them to?

    We place small blocks on each table with a unique QR code on them, these will be individually linked to the right table number. So when the staff sees the order on the Orderli tablet next to the POS they will see the table number of every order.

  • Do I need to change anything?

    We don't want to change how you run your restaurant. Orderli is just an add-on, mostly to help you during peak hours. We will put a small block on every table which guests can scan to access the online menu. Next to the POS we place a 7" Orderli tablet where the staff can see all the incoming orders and then process them into the POS like normal.

  • How will I know if Orderli works for my restaurant?

    Do you sometimes have guests waving to get the attention of a server? Do you have blind spots that are sometimes missed? Then Orderli can help your staff and guests! To show you we believe it will work we give you the first 2 months completely free of charge. If you decide after those 2 months that Orderli isn't for you we will pick up everything, no questions asked.

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